Depressing times call for hope…

Bad news surrounds us these days.

I’ve been busier than ever, but I am definitely not going to complain. Because unlike several people I know, I am still blessed with a job. I disappeared for a while (yet again) because I have been putting almost all of my efforts into that job, knowing that people who are suddenly considered “redundant” in my company are being let go. 😦

Even my former colleagues in the news business are being hit hard, and that’s a first. News has traditionally been considered “recession-proof” because the public will always still need news, right?

Actually, that’s now only partially right. Journalism is going through a massive identity crisis. My company deals with major news outlets on a daily basis and we are hearing the same thing from each of them: “We’re undergoing massive change, but no one appears to know what we are supposed to be changing into. We’re adrift at sea.” Which might be why you haven’t seen so many good news stories lately. The news media are trying to re-invent themselves— to make themselves more relevant— and as a result, the economy trumps almost everything at this point. Because they know people are hungry to find out more about what’s going on.

I don’t blame them for doing this. Honestly, it IS the best way to survive right now.

However, I honestly believe we’ve never needed good news stories as much as we need them now.

I have relatives who’ve been laid off from construction and auto jobs, neighbors who’ve been laid off from accounting and administrative jobs, and friends who are being asked to take massive pay cuts in order to be able to keep their current jobs.


But even though the world is changing….
The economy looks bleak…
The earth beneath us is no longer solid, but appears to be constantly shifting…
There will always be signs of hope to help us keep our bearings. And we need to hear about them.

It’s just a matter of finding them in the midst of our current state of affairs.

Given my current status (mainly, being busier than I’ve ever been), I’m no longer going to make promises I can’t keep concerning this blog. What I will do, though, is promise to make every effort to put good news stories up when I see them. Which hasn’t been very often lately. 😦

More later. Hang in there, everyone.


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