Passing the Flying Money "Test"

Today’s story is short, but sweet. 🙂 Another example of how someone’s faith in humanity was restored by several people stepping forward to help someone they didn’t know.

The city of Torrance, California is one of the southernmost cities in Los Angeles county (as well as one of the county’s largest). It is part of the huge metroplex that makes up what locals call the Southland.

And as an incident last month shows, the city is also filled with people who do the right thing.

70-year-old Ludwig Geier went to his local bank and withdrew several thousands of dollars in cash. He held a thick envelope as he left the building.

When he walked outside, he stumbled and fell. More than 200 bills flew out of the envelope, and started swirling around the parking lot and into the street. Ludwig says he couldn’t possibly have retrieved the money because he was wearing flip-flops and couldn’t move very quickly.

But he didn’t have to worry, because about a dozen bystanders started chasing the quickly-moving bills… and brought them back to him as they caught it.

Geier was touched. He says those who helped him retrieve his money were from all walks of life— ranging from kids to adults, people from various races, seemingly from all walks of life. He was able to get back 96% of the money he’d lost.

“I can only say I’m going to put a prayer out for them,” Geier told the Torrance Daily Breeze. “If I could get them together, I’d buy them dinner and drinks.”


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